Sunday, April 26, 2009

Intro to Design Theory - Exploring Shapes

Okay~ this is the EASIET assignment for this module so far XD

i didnt really spend long time for this XD

hmm, got ntg much to talk bout this assignment, we'll just look at the pictures =)
This is the sketches for this assignment... We'll need to develope something from the picture that our lecturer showed to us. They brought their handy drive and save the pic and me i just use my camera,my eyes... LOL i'd lost my handy drive and havent got time to buy one yet XD anyways, my friends says its like comic LOL Lecturer asked how i get these developments from then this is how i explained....
Lecturer: how you get to have this sketches?
Me: erm, people can hold guitars in many ways, n besides of guitar, violin got the same shape with it too...
Lecturer looks at the second last: this is cute...
Me: LOL, actually i drew one at first but then i feel like he's looking at something else, then i think of the hot weather we had recently then ice cream,so i drew another one there XD

And here comes my final product XD i always love this one after all~the way he crosses his legs while playing guitar (got influenced by the korean drama "Flower Four") other than the one with sun on top which is no.14 LOL

I'd planned to do no.14 but seeing that it has too many details,then i gave up and chose my second fav one, the crossed-leg XD

Btw,for the enlarged letters and numbers, it has my name ANGELINA and LOVE DRAWING & ARTS ( a minute before the submission,only i realised the T is missing=0=) XD

The invented shape has its own explanation LOL... that guy got wig for himself and he's trying to immitate Angelina Jolie's lips...and i gave him muscular arms~and, he finally have enough money to buy a cool guitar for himself LOLz

P/S: I'd sticked wrongly for the figure-ground and figure-ground reversal XD

Lecturer : what is this surrounding him?
Me: oh~ coAch~ (didnt realised i used the wrong word)
Lecturer: coach??
Me: ermm...yeah? or i'd used the wrong word?
Lecturer: oh~~~~ coUch
Me: yeah yeah~ couch XD

Comments from lecturer: For your invented shape, i didnt see much changes for ur couch....u should try to make more alteration for it...XD

Sunday, April 19, 2009


WTF~~~ what the FART!!! LOLz

Well Well~~~ my initial study plan is to fly to UCSI at Cheras and do my foundation there~~~

BUTTTTTT (there's always a BUT right? XD)
my mom was sick ( she had recovered, thanks for the concern if u're asking XD) and she asked me to stay for another year at Kuching instead =_______________=

I was unhappy at first but could not do anything but LISTEN @@ so I am in LimKwokWing now >___<

Maybe you'll ask, since u have LimKwokWing at Kuching, why still plan to go other places???

Firstly~ what I'd heard bout LimKwokWing is its not so good....Why? There are many reasons but i only remembered one, which is: the management is messy~
Secondly~ I kinda sicken tired with Kuching xD I wanna explore the other city and to be independent~ XD

But, *POOF*~ gone gone~ its all gone~ and im in LimKwokWing now =)

So, I'd mentioned about the Feb n April Intake in the last few post...

I am April Intake for the foundation course so, I had actually looking forward for a new semester with only new students....BUT @@ who knows~ they put us together with the Diploma students =_____________________=

Diploma first year is the same with foundation for LimKwokWing but the intakes are DIFFERENT!!! February and April....

So, every class, every lecturer told us to TRY OUR VERY BEST TO CATCH UP THEIR SPEED zZzZzZz And,they'll say: the Feb intake will have a sem break at july, so you guys can use that month to do the assignments which u havent finish...

HENCE, you always see me busy with assingments T^T
i even sacrificed my time to Hapkido classes, to Japanese Classes and also my Dancing Classes T^T BIG SACRIFICES *snift snift*

So now~ you know why I'd WTF-ed?? LOLz

Anyways, although im busy but im happy with it =)
It's the course i'd longed for after all ^^

Happy hours are always short, its time again for me to say See ya~ LOLz

Take care^^

*tucking myself back to assignments*

Building Construction

This module is the most interesting one~

because the way the lecturer conducts the class is interesting and i really learn things from it LOL
Remembering that my first class for this module, he had talked about the roof~
So, when im driving back home, i kept looking at the roof of the houses or shops or buildings which i'd passed by XD ( i know i know, i should had concentrate on the road but i cant help it =S)

Anyways, the first assignment for this module is to build one structure with drinking straws,paper and any adhensive materials to protect the EGG!!!
After that, we'll have to throw the structure with the egg in it from the 3rd floor(4th storey)
Due to the insufficient TIME and HANDS to build the structure, my group actually failed LOL
cause we MURDERED the egg, my FAV FOOD T^T

So~ without any hesitation~ I show you what i'd drew for the structure XD

LOLz this is what i'd took before i cut and paste on another piece of paper with a more presentable way XD Besides, the name for the pictures are incorrect LOL!!!

LOL~ im lazy to type the description out XD If you guys really want to know what i actually typed,leave me comments @@ then i'll type =0= (suggestion: its nothing interesting to read LOL)

And~ this is where this post ends XD

Intro To Design Theory - Exploring Lines


Comparing LINES with POINTS~ lines are much more easier than points XD
This time, our assignment is to present a Country with lines in 2D or 3D~
You can draw anything and then explain what are the purposes of using those lines @_____@
After that, we'll have to PRESENT it =S

Well, i preferred to make it half 3D xD

I had chosen China since Im Chinese? LOLz Chinese know more about China's history and culturals right?
So, i no need to do much research on it XD save time~~~ HOHO

Okay, there's nothing much to talk bout it anyways~

So, here it is~ the PICTURES of my completed assignments~

And of course~ not forgetting my SCRIPT XD ( to add more words for this blog mwahahaha)

The reason that I had chosen Chinese Lanterns and the Great Wall of China as the ‘characters’ for this assignment is to show two contrasting feelings, which are Happiness and Mournfulness. Red Chinese Lanterns, which brings up the feeling of happiness, are still widely used nowadays during some happy days such as the Lantern Festival, wedding and celebration ceremonies. As for the feeling of mournfulness, the history of the Great Wall of China had clearly stated how families were torn apart during the ancient time. Old and young men were forced to join the building process other than being chosen to be part of the army during Qin and Ming Dynasty.
Red color was chosen as the color of the lines in the Chinese Lanterns because it is the favorite color for the Chinese society and it resembles the joyfulness. Straight lines are tightly sticked together in curvy way to show the importance of tight bonding between family members. Curvy way is used because Chinese believes that circle is a loop that never ends just like the relationship between family members. The thick thread represents the Silk Road, where the exchanging of culture between China and Europeans countries begun. As for the thin threads, they were used to show the wisdom of the Chinese when dealing with problems, which is, different attitudes are used for different problems when facing different groups of people.
To show the sorrowfulness, different thickness and lengths of black lines were used for the Great Wall of. Cross lines were used to give the blending effect of things that millions construction workers had sacrificed during the process of construction. Such as, sweats, tears, energies, bloods and also lives. Cross lines were also used to show the angriness of the family members of those construction workers as the workers were not nicely treated when building the Great Wall of China. Horizontal and vertical lines are like the strategies used by the commanders to arrange their armies when enemies attacked China. Armies will form lines like these when they are commanded to be prepared for the war.
Perspectives were also used to show the increase in the numbers of the populations of China. It also shows the improvements shown in the cultures, architectures, economics and life styles of this country after years.

Time spent for the assignments:
a) sticking+drawing =12am-130pm, 8pm-130am
b) script = 130am-3am

LOLz~and this time, i remembered to change my phone's mode to GENERAL~and i managed to wake up once my friend called me and went out earlier XD *bravo bravo~*

So yeah~ that's all for this assignment XD

p/s : argh T^T i envy those who can take really nice pictures and post on their blog and those with really fluent and nice english T^T

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Intro To Design Theory - Exploring Points

Before i START talking bout this module,
I would like to...
LOLz need to release stress for this module first =0=

Due to the miscommunication between us with the lecturer , we had rushed for the assignments like hell=_________________=

Cuz' we remembered that the lecturer told us : well, you all can just try your best to catch up their speed~

So, i did another assignments(the arc.drawing) instead of this module >.< ( i dunno how's the other new students' case haha) So,so,so and so..... The Feb intake student spent around 2-3 days for this but i spent around 8 hours (6pm-7pm, then 8pm-3am) the day before the assignments due date =____________= ( I'll explain what is the Feb intake thingy next time,i promise XD) [ i'd overslept @@ until i heard my friend's call..i'd ask my friend to wake me up at 715am but i only answer the call at 750am LOLs!!! I even told my friend that i wanna to sleep some morewhile then my friend YELLED at me, saying: you know what time is it now????!!! and please do check how many missed call u got!!! well, i'd checked....30misscalls if im not remembering the wrong figure xD] Well,you can actually see what is Exploring Points about by understanding the topic itself LOLx

You'll need to use FINE points to draw things out~ FINE points means no dragged dots or different sizes of dots by using 0.1 or 0.2 pens

But, i'd used the wrong one=.= i'd used 0.4 cause it's FASTER XD
Please do not repeat my mistake, if you're doing something similiar to mine lolz

So, this is the picture of my assignments for EXPLORING POINTS~

Mwahahaha~ taken before handing in to the lecturer.... I drew wrong object for the architecturial detailing and corrected it the other day....but it's not in the pic HAHA

Comment given by the lecturer: Your paper are not neatly cut and neatly arranged on the mounting board..Please make sure you dont repeat the same mistake next time @@

And these are the sketches which i drew after handing in my assignment(the above one)....

To score higher marks, we'll have to hand in our assignments together with the sketches @@

We're suppose to go the WaterFront Park ( One of the park at Kuching) and sketch those we needed to draw and then develope it.... but we took pictures and went back home drawing them instead XD

So yeah, if i start doing this assignments few days earlier, maybe i'll make it better XD at least with FINE points =0=

HOHO~ done with updating with Assignments i'd done xD

I'll be talking bout what had happened in my uni for the next post when i have time to come here~~ so, see ya~^^

Take care

Architecture Drawing - Lettering

Architecture Drawing is the module with MOST DRAWING!!!

Well, what i can tell you is, what we had learned so far are the BASICS of drawing....
Yeah~ basics~~ i think you might already guess what is it about XD

Things we learned in this class are things i'd learned before during my art lesson when i was in secondary school =0= Such as, Lettering, Lines, Geometric Construction, Tone and Texture and alot more..... The only different is the SIZE of the paper @@

Btw, these are not our first assignment lolz

Our first assignment is to draw our living room and then uni's cafe...
According to what the lecturer says, this is for him to judge how GOOD or how BAD can we draw LOLz (but i was wondering, we never show him our drawing yet, how is he going to know our drawing "level" ? XD)

Anyways, i'm not going to show the living room and cafe first~ cuz' they're still unfinished LOL
My living room got rejected by someone whom i seek for opinions cuz it's too SIMPLE =0=
For my uni's cafe, i only drew few lines on the drawing paper XD
So, they're still not presentable to everyone HAHA~

The Task for Lettering is to do the lettering exercise~
Which are..... Draw guide lines on the A3 size paper then write ALPHABETS of BIG n' SMALL caps then the NUMBER 1-0 in different sizes (0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm) @@
This is certainly a BORING n' TIRED job, especially the 0.5mm >_________<>

So, these are the pictures for LETTERING~

So~ can u see all the sizes? (from the top to the bottom) 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm

**********************This is the closer view of 0.8mm ^^******************

Well, I'd spent around 4-5 hours for these @@ and yeah~ that's all for lettering ^^

P/S: Mwahahahaha~ i am really not good in taking pics but who cares~ *shrugs* xD

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Short update

I know i know~~
I really knew @@ *pulling my own ears as self-punishment*
I know i'd mentioned im going to update my stuff to u guys but i didnt do so after so many days @@

Not my fault >.<
I'd been really BUSY with assignments~
I always wanted to come here n update but I always failed to do so =________________=
Time always fully filled with assignments+classes+sleep XD

Alot of Things had happened within these two weeks @@
The Busy+Tired+Meaningful Weeks~ and im sure the following weeks will be like this too LOLz

So yeah, i'll check u guys up a day or two days later =)
I'll try to upload Pictures i'd took xD
Never been so hardworking to take photos but I started to take photos just for this blog lolz
SO, you see...i really tried to just i never got the time....
Therefore+Hence+So+In a Nutshell, im FORGIVEABLE right =P

ttyl and take care^^

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well,i'd created one blog xD (obviously =='')

Just a sudden thought of creating one blog to record my design life....
Yeah~ design life LOL
I used to be science student which i seriously cannot stand for it anymore >0<
memorising stuff is what i dont really want now =_____________=

so im kinda like half-design student now...hmmm why half?
cuz' build environment is not all about design but also with some calculations n PHYSICS!!!
gosh!! i'd been escaping from PHYSICS for A'Level and now i have to start dating with it again!!!
My Live Wouldn't Be Suck Without You,Physics= =''''
So, now u can see that why i say im half-design student =_________________=

I have one WISH!!!
HOPE that Physics is not so hard!!!!
i dont want to fail >_______< (ur wish is rejected, it depends on ur own efforts)

Finally, here comes the end of this MEANINGFUL blog lolz
I'll try my very best to update my blog with all the works i'd done~
failure or success i'll just post up XD
to let u guys see how not good am i in this too =0="

So, see ya guys~ ttyl~