Sunday, May 10, 2009

Intro To Design Theory - Exploring Planes & Volume

This is a two weeks time assignment cause we will have to make a model out from our design@@
We will have to develope something from daily life things then the essence of our model...@@

My first idea is to make a tornado-shaped thingy...then i started to plan it....erm, or to say to create a story to make my tornado make sense LOLs
Then~ Lecturer asked questions as usual :

Me : Ms.Elin i'd planned to do something like tornado...i get the ideas from the spiral staircase.

Lecturer : Hmm...what's the essence for the staircase??

Me : ERM....*thinking for stories* Feeearrr?

Lecturer : Fear?!

Me : Yeah...i always scared to walk on those spiral scared of them...then i think of tornado...*all just made-up reason...what i want is just to be different from the others...i so far havent see anyone made one which goes vertically xD*

Lecturer : is not very good...i want something to be celebrated just like Clara's...hers is talking about Mother's love.... *actually, i'd helped three feb intake friends to write their description and even help them to name their of them is Clara', of course i know what her model representing LOL*

Me : hmm...cant i just make something different from them @@?

Lecturer : hmm...i think it would be better if its something about celebration...u just try to think of other ideas..i know u can do it...

Me : o...okay T^T

Then, i was rushing for Terry's Architectural Drawing on Wednesday night so i didnt get enough sleep @@ then then, i end up spending sleeping half day on Friday and nearly WHOLE DAY for Saturday as i dont know what to do for my model... ( friday 1am-7am, saturday 12pm++ till 230pm then 4pm++ till 750pm then 10pm++ till sunday 8am++ XD)

After all, i still want my model to fly lolz then i started to draft my stuff and then i drew one thing shaped like a ppl with graduation hat...then i start to think of my stories...XD At the end, i'd started with a book.

Books--->knowledge--->why gain knowledge? to achieve dreams--->graduation

Then...i started to cut these lolz after i cut 5 pieces with the same shape but gradually decreased in size then only i start to draw the development XD So, this is the draft =)

I'd forgot to make it vertical XD but it wasnt anything important, just scribbles of my ideas lolz

LOL~ the Development i drew after i'd done my model =0=

So, i did made my planes to fly lolz
My initial idea is to use thin steel threads( or whatever it calls) so it is invisible then the planes will look like its flying.....BUT @@ dad made one thick one for me=_____=
they're two 5.5 steel bar @@ he even let his worker to spray them into black...they did SHINES alot lolz
I'd faced problems to poke my planes through and measure the right height for me to cut the holessssss.. ZZZ

I need to use my book rak to support the steel bar before my model can 'stand by itself' lolz

These are the planes before i cut holes and poke them through the steel bars.

Dad helped me to measure the base (straw boards were used) then his worker cut it then my dad sticked them LOL He did all these on the floor of our study room haha~

Then, only he told me...I'd rugi-ed alot...I helped the floor to tattoo LOL
He was laughing at his own carelessness lolz
Cute dad^^

These are only 20 planes, there's five more baby planes to put on but the steel bars were too long that i have to wait my dad to shorten it the next day then only i can poke them through the bars and get my model done XD
*my cup without its handle lolz*

The next day, i woke up early to tell my dad that i want to shorten the steel bars....Finally, my model is done ^^
We are supposed to take photos of our model with black'd saw my living room's is BLACK under the, i'd removed the cushions and use the black parts as my background and took these photos from different angles XD

And and and~ not forgetting my description lolz

My life would not be complete without books. Books are my teachers where I gain knowledge other than teachers at school. So, I have chosen books to develop my ideas for this model. My model consists of 25 pieces of differently shaped planes. 25 pieces are used to show the ages of a human from children to young adult. My model is to show how our dreams change from time to time until we finally sort out what our dream is. Therefore, alterations of the shapes for the planes can be seen.

This model is explained from the smallest piece to the biggest piece. From the smallest piece to the sixth piece of the planes, these resemble children aged one to six years old. Children of these ages usually have wild dreams such as to be a dinosaur, to be superman Barbie when grow up. Hence, invented shapes were used to show the naïve thinking of little children. Piece seven to piece twelve had resembled children aged seven to twelve years old. Their dreams usually depend on what they see in their daily life and those who they admire such as policeman, fireman, teacher and nurse. The shapes for these planes were only slightly invented as the dreams of the children were getting more realistic.

Piece thirteen to piece seventeen represent teenagers aged thirteen to seventeen when they are at secondary school. They get to know the adult world better and know what they really want according to their abilities. Some may be certain with their own dreams and some may be influenced by their friends and some are more unlucky as they cannot make any choices for their future. Therefore, the shapes of the planes are invented shapes and familiar objects to show the different cases of the teenagers’ dreams. The planes from the first to piece seventeen were supporting by to black steel bars and they are like floating in the air. This is to show how their dreams change from time to time and the black steel bars are used to show how parents support their children from behind.

After secondary school, those lucky teenagers who can further their studies are resembled from piece eighteen to piece twenty-five representing age eighteen to age twenty-five. It is the predicted total time spent to complete the studies until master. The planes had a human figure shape and . They were placed on the base to show that they had fixed their dreams. No alterations of shapes can be seen in these planes but the sizes of the planes decrease gradually. The decreasing in sizes is to show the uncertain of their life after graduation but they were sure to endure to live their dreams. Therefore, I had named my model as “Live My Dream”.

HOHO~ im lazy again lolz i just cut n paste XD I didnt spend time to read through it...hope there's no grammar mistake or some other i always used cacat-ed english XD

I was late for class that day cause i went to develope photos before heading to uni.
I was one hour late XD When i was walking up the stairs i saw my classmate then she said elin very angry oh..she'd been asking where are u @@
Then i just rush to classroom and...PHEW~ she did not angry with me when she saw me with my model in my hand XD
She had a bad experience as most of the feb intake submit late..that's why she's so anxious whether im going to class or not lolz

When she saw my model...(my perspex were still covered with the paper to prevent ppl from touching them and leave their unwanted finger prints on them lol) the first sentence she said is: what is this? it looks like a monster @@

LOL~ my friends said that it looks like power lolz

So~ this is the end for this post XD
Hope u guys are satisfied with this update XD

ttyl~ take care ^^