Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fug!!!! =0=

What the Fart, Poot =______=

This is really super duper unfair for whoever in design n theory 152 =0=

When we register before this semester starts, lecturer told us we have no lecturer for design and they might delay the classes 1-2weeks later...OH WELL~ the design lecturer was NOT here until week5....meaning we're 5 weeks LATE =0= So, we'd prepared to have a longer semester compare to those who start their class on time, ON SCHEDULE =0= Plus plus plus...MQA thingy...everything was like SLOW SLOW SLOW=____________=

Well, it is definitely a BAD NEWS!!! We're suppose to have 8 weeks to prepare for our final model+final presentation... Design is always the module with most works to do... BUT!!! BUT BUT BUT!!!! Now, we're at week 12 and we're GOING TO HAVE our PRESENTATION on WEEK17!!!!! Crazy? Before proceeding onto the final model, we have SIX prototype models to do...and its due week13...So..PLEASE tell me, how many weeks left for me? YAY! You're DAMN right!!! its THREE weeks~~FULLY loaded THREE weeks....ONLY shyt fugging THREE weeks left!!!

Of course, we did talked to lecturer. He said, if postpone then the moderation will be slow and BLABLABLA....OH WELL!!! That's OBVIOUSLY none of our business..if u do not want the whole process to be slow, why they never get a lecturer in EARLIER? yeah yeah~ that's not something u want~yeahyeah~~ HELLO???? Is that what we want??? HELLO??? WHY ON EARTH u never GET a lecturer in EARLIER? and because of MQA and some activities for publicity, our classes sorta cancelled =0=

We don't PAY to get our life screwed up....oh well, final exams were postponed from week 16 to week we'll get one week to concentrate on this assignment...yay yay as if we have no other assignments due PFFFF!!! and if we want to postpone our final presentation, we'll need to produce something better cause we have extra time? HELLO??? EXTRA TIME??? u call delaying our schedule as EXTRA TIME? i thought that is what we are SUPPOSE to HAVE????

Addition, Yeah, Im already SEM 2 now....SEM 2 students with NO STUDENT ID CARD??? WTH?! Oh well, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology =0= i dun mind typing the full name out...How i WISH someone from the ADMIN read this and GIVE us our ID CARDS =0= Shame on you, for dragging it so long...and yeah..whats that book which cost rm90??? are u going to like forever tell us that its OUT OF STOCK? if out of stock then why collect rm90 from us?!!

Argh!!! Im supa dupa pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Short Update

Hey guys, its been awhile i did not update my blog.

I apologise to those who came here to check my blog from time to time for some new updates but ended up with disappointment??? First of all, i am too lazy to resize the pictures and upload here since i uploaded some at my facebook XD Secondly, i am getting busier and busier now as the semester is stepping into the end soon @@ REAL SOON ><

Had not been sleeping well since last two weeks as i kinda slacked at the beginning of the semester, accumulated assignments plus new and more challenging assignments...argh...regret for slacking but its a habit which i never determined to change it==" so,yeah....serve myself right =___=

Anyways, i promise i will and for sure update my blogs about those killing assignments after i'd done everything...EVERYTHING yea? xD

Hmm, i'm going to type out the undone assignments out as check list =P

Building Material - Report for Crocslite, Journal for materials we'd learnt
Building Construction - Tutorial for Stairs, Group Report for Stairs, site visit(accumulated ass)
Building Structure - Two calculations assignments
Design - six 100x100 3D prototype models, materialise model + presentation board + presentation
Archi.Drawing - Plan drawing for ground and first floor of terrace house, Two elevations, Two Sections, Two Perspective Drawing..all on butter paper and trace over to tracing paper.
English - Report and presentation

So yeah, now is our week12, semester ends at week 18 BUT just look at those above and understand me and forgive me for not updating my blog T_______T

That's all for the short update xD

See u guys soon =) ciao~

P/S: im officially a panda now...with super duper big diameter of eyebags T_______T