Friday, June 5, 2009

Architectural Drawing - Geometric Construction+Tone & Texture

Yeah yeah~~ i know i know >0<
i know i had not update my blog for supa dupa long time ><" Cause I'd been busy with the models (will upload to the blog as soon as i get the pictures,okay?) So, let's don't crap too much and just look at the pictures LOL (actually, got nothing to tell you guys too xD) This assignment....lolz i forgot to take pictures before submit it...that's why i could not do anything until now...after i got it back from lecturer haha~ Hmm..not much description anyways....xD
The bottles.

The vase? lolz obviously its a vase =0=

Hatching (left) and cross-hatching (right)

Cross-hatching for boxes.

Hatching for boxes.

Scribbling (left) and Stippling (right)

Scribbling for boxes.

Stippling for boxes.

Arches drawn with hatching(left) and cross-hatching(right).

Closer view for the arch.(Cross-hatching)

Closer view for the arch.(Hatching)

Arches drawn with stippling(left) and scribbling(right).

Closer View for the arch.(Scribbling)

Closer view for the arch. (Stippling)

It's the life drawing lolz but all of us took pictures with cameras or handphones XD
This is drawn with pencils with four techniques.
(Stippling, Scribbling, Hatching and Cross-hatching)

Closer View

Drawn with pens with four techniques.
(Stippling,Scribbling,Hatching and Cross-Hatching)

Closer view. ( My friend says the scribbling looks like worms =0=)

That lying bottle kills my brain cells alot =0=
Then, i decided to redraw a new one after leaving too much pencil marks on the paper ><

LOL~ i didnt notice that Terry says to draw two different angles for this so i just trace over from the pencils one for the pens lolz After all, i still need to draw another one with another angle lolz