Sunday, July 26, 2009

Architectural Drawing- 20 Sketches

Hmm, nothing much to talk about for this assignment@@

It is to sketch 20 sketches of buildings or interiors to practise our drawing skill for buildings....

This is actually an extra assignment from lecturer....It carries no marks but you will fail for this module if you did not submit this assignment lolx

Well, seniors told us not to put too much efforts on the sketches if we're running out of time lolx So, I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME xD I actually searched for weird buildings to draw from google.....Love GOOGLE!!! xD

So, these are the sketches i'd sketched xD

Sdyney Opera House,Australia
Franklin Dr. Israel, Drager House (1995), Oakland, California.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Danfoss University, Denmark.

Forget the name >< If not mistaken, located at Santiago @@

135 degree House

Calakmul Building a.k.a Lavadora a.k.a The Washing Machine, Mexico.

Shoe House, US

The Crooked House, Poland.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain.

The Leaf House, Brazil.

Suburban Tipi by John Paanemen.

Limes Hotel, Australia.

Futuristic House, Netherlands.
Modern Lake House, Washington. (forget the full name ><)

The Pickle Barrel House, USA.

The Kiosk Igloo, Farne Island.

The Spaceship House, USA.

Free Spirit ECO Tree House, Canada.

Pod House, New York.

all were very simple and messy sketches ><"

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