Sunday, July 26, 2009

Architectural Drawing - Informative Drawing

It's been a while since my last update lolz

this is suppose to be post a day after my last update but i screwed up everything when i thought i can do cut and paste here =________=

Anyways, this is our last assignment for this module. We were supposed to draw two drawings of our town, Kuching =)

Let's look at the pictures i'd taken and also my drawings ^^

When i asked for Sab's opinions on which pictures to draw, she wanted me to draw this.
Me: Which to draw??
Sab: Hmm, the one with the boat and the building behind.
Me: HUH?! *shocked* where should i focus then??
Sab: Babe, both..the boat and the building...
Me: okay...i'll try =0=
WELL, i'd tried to draw this but failed LOLx

Terry, our lecturer, will kick my arse if i draw this LOL!

Nice weather? NO!!! It gave me headache after taking these photos under the sun for 30minutes? =0=

One of the famous temple at Kuching, Tua-Pek-Kong Temple situated at the center of the town.

Actually, i wanted to draw this but im sux at drawing human ><"
This boatman stopped his boat and SMILED when i hold my camera up lolx

Lala~~ Clara's back lolx

When there're no pedestrians, there're cars~

When there's no cars, there're pedestrians LOL

haha~ i purposely waited for this old man to cross the road xD


Okay, i know my cars look "cacat-ed" =0=

This is chosen as im running out of time @@

This resulted more like sketching than drawing lol

Assignments for this module is submitted 3 days late because of my "pickiness" habit ><"
Some of my classmates actually just simply draw and shade but i could not do that as im kinda perfectionist when i come to things i care LOLx
The first drawing took me 1.5days and the second one half day xD
Hope i won't fail T^T *fingers crossed*

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