Sunday, July 12, 2009

Intro to Design Theory - Final Assignment (Eco-Art Sculpture)

For this assignment, my group member,Faeona and I decided to choose Resource Depletion as our topic. Faeona thinks that most of the people only care about deforestation, air pollution or limited petrol left but not the other resources such as flora and fauna.

Besides, we want to make a sculpture which not only serves as display purpose but ALSO can be used. So, we kinda like developed something like tables and chairs. (We were both having headache when lecturer wants us to give her our idea for our sculpture LOL) To prevent something like chairs or tables collapsing when the judges sit on them, we decided to make tables and chairs for little children. So, when the chairs or tables really collapse, we can say because the lecturers are not with the little children's weight, therefore, the chairs or tables could not support their weight XD

OK, now we have the idea, then we'll need to explain them @@ the shape, the purpose the colours @@

What? The A for Ur Q
In recent years, the depletion of natural resources and attempts to move to sustainable development have been major focus of development agencies. This is particularly concern in rainforest regions, which hold most of the Earth's natural biodiversity-irreplacable natural capital. Resources depletion is defined as exploitation of natural resources which includes consumerism, logging, fishing and mining. (sources from

Why? The Microscoping Project
  • Kids - they're like sponge,absorbing what's around them. We will have to teach them since young. Hence, we approach little kids.
  • Bell Shape Table - Ringing the alarm to alert everyone that resource depletion is getting worse.
  • Puzzle Table - The blend and mix of every one's effort. The <(He+She+U+Me)(Efforts)=Greatest Effect > concept
  • Circle tray - The shape without edges, means there's no harm to work together to save our Mother Earth. Also represents the unity of every one's effort.
  • Colours - Blue as the sky for the tray on the top, Green as the forest for the tables, Brown as the earth for the chairs.
  • Usages- Kid's activity table, Garden Furniture for Kids
  • Tighten the bonding between parents and kids as this is something that parents can do together with their childrens ^^
How?The Reversing Concept
What we had done is done. Now we should try to reduce all the activities which will worsen the problem. So, We will have to try to reverse what we had done to the Earth and make it whole again @@

Huhu~ done with the explanations...actually all these explanations are in the presentation boards lolz just in case the pictures are too small that you could not read what is written on them xD

Sketched plan for the table
Things needed ( egg trays, the roll of paper from fabric shop, cans and boxes)

Lalala~ Faeona is enjoying the cutting session @@?

We planned to make our own natural paint with Pandan Leaves but failed to do so=0=

Preparing to make the chairs^^

The jigsaw puzzle table =D

The glue made with flour but its either i bought the wrong flour or i cooked it with the wrong method, i'd FAILED to make the glue LOLz

Was sticking all the 'legs' for the table at my house then send to Faeona's hostel.
My car fully loaded with the weak tables lolz

Spraying the tray with blue ozone-friendly spray.

Spraying the tables with green.

The WHAT presentation board.

The WHY presentation board.

The HOW presentation board

This is the presentation board added after the presentation when lecturer says we will have to have one presentation board with our final product in. But, we submitted it too late then it's not marked by lecturer@@ hope we wont get DNC(do not complete) and FAIL!!! @@

Before carrying the table to Uni @@

Dang! the tiring job to carry these from the hostel to the uni's multi-purpose hall when u're wearing super high high-heels =0=

During the presentation....saw how high is my high-heels? LOLz

During the presentation, Mr Asfia and Mr.Allan.

Faeona and Me and our baby,Futurie Puzzie.

Once again, i would like to thanks to those who offered their help when we're rushing for this sculpture. Who were those heros and heroin???? Our class mammy-Liaw Kheng Boon, Our class daddy-Yeo Kee Liang, TIT- Tiong Ing Tian and my lovely babe-Kho Siaw Yee xD

My babe wasnt from our uni but from swinburne,taking accounting in degree. She was having her holidays and then i asked for her help xD She even stay overnight at my house to help me with the presentation boards why Faeona at her hostel doing the final touch up for the sculpture^^ love her!!!muacks~~~~

Last but not least, THANKS!!!!!! xD


  1. lolx.. wonder y u have mummy n daddy everywhere.. XD if all gather 2gather, wonder how big is ur "family".. hiak glad u enjoy this course.. did u? XD

  2. nice product.. how much if u sell it to me??