Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Closing of Semester One | Results

Yoyo~ xD

This will be a very short update for the closing of semester one with my results...

Hmmm, i scored 3.24 over 4.00 overall xD Hello there!!! i didnt failed my Building Structure xD

I'll just assume that u all prayed hard for me when u read my blog yeah? =P

Anyways, Semester 2 had started one week ago but due to absence of lecturers as they havent arrive Kuching from CyberJaya,KL... xD

Oh well, the present lecturers told us lecturers from Cyber Jaya, the main campus, might be a little bit more strict...(told by Ms.Helena..she is a strict lecturer herself @@) Hmmm, means we really need to be punctual for our lectures and also the submission of assignments@@

And, I'd been waking up and prepare for classes on time ^^ Hmmm, its not easy for a pig to wake up on time, u know right? xDDDD

okay~ that's all from me and i'll update the post soon with new assignments =P


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  1. OH? nt bad de result wor... congratzz.. ^^ yaya.. kampateh in next sem.. aza aza~~