Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good News? Bad News?

Well, I'd thinked about my future plan again for the pass few days...and i come out with these few options xD

a) Continue at LimKokWing and change course from foundation to diploma as if i go through diploma i'll have practical first...when im at degree,i'll have another practical...which might gives me more experiences and helps me XD

b) Transfer to UCSI for Degree with Foundation Cert....and a great escape from home? "Reunion" with friends over there? xD

c) Continue at LimKokWing as Diploma if UCSI does not accept me and the rest same with Plan A? xD

Anyways, i'm just telling you guys...I might not go to KL anymore and i might too...but hmmm..for this moment, the possibilities of going to KL is rather rare...cause i kinda see practical as an important thing?

So, friends at KL~~~~ Don't put too much of expectations on me to go to KL@@

And, Friends at KUCHING~~~~ I might just continue to bug u guys for another two whole years!!!! mwahahahaha xD

The Last but not the least.....I'll know what to do when i really need to make my decision...i guess? At least, what Mr.Johan told me, why are you troubling yourself with something with so much of possibilities? You'll know what to do when u really need to make your choice... Now, just think of Now, what are you going to do now... xD

woohooo~~~ Mr.Johan, You ROX!!!! haha~


  1. ahem... since when i say that ah? - johan

  2. nehh~when i was very confused which uni to go and degree and master thungy LOLx before my last a levels exam? o.O

  3. Don't waste so many years of time leh.. First few working experience got a lot of practical also, salary low a bit from your first job is okay de...